FAQs on Facebook Integration

Lets explore few of the FAQs on Facebook Integration

  1. What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Answer: It is an option provided by META to each account to manage the paid marketing on Facebook.

  1. What is FB lead form?

Answer: This is a form for capturing the leads on FB which is being attached to the FB ADS which you are running.

  1. From where can we find the FB lead form under Facebook Account?

Answer: You can open it from two places.

  • From Meta Business Suite :- Go to the META Business Suite > Then go to the “All tools” > Then go to the “Instant forms”.

  • From Facebook add manager :- Go to the Active campaign (on it you will get an edit option) > Click on the Ad > Scroll down and you will see the form which is attached to the ads.

Note:- For opening any form you have to duplicate the existing form and see the required details.

  1. What is Facebook Ad Campaign?

Answer: You can create an Ad campaign on the Facebook Ad manager for running ads according to your needs. Under a campaign you attach an Ad set.

For e.g., You want to run a campaign to target the audience of North India, so you can create a campaign for this.

  1. What is a Facebook Ad Set?

Answer: You can create a set of few ads under a campaign mainly for covering all the variables/diversity of your target audience.

For e.g., You are targeting a Ad for North India people. But you can create various ads targeting people according to age, occupation, etc. This is an Ad set.

  1. Can I get the leads on NeoDove through Facebook Comments and Facebook Inbox messages?

Answer: No, in this case leads can not be created through integration because the comments and inbox messages does not contain Phone numbers as field.

  1. Can I get the leads on NeoDove through the "Call" or "WhatsApp" button on my Facebook Ads?

Answer: No, leads can be captured only through Facebook Lead Form ads.

Note - In case of "WhatsApp button" if your using WA API then it depends on the possibility of the WA API integration which you are using.

In the case of any other questions, please write us on "hello@neodove.com". Our team will help you.

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