How to create a campaign?

A campaign is a set of Leads that need to be targeted depending on the type of calling to be done.


1. Log into your NeoDove account ( 2. Go to the campaigns section, present on the left side-bar of your screen 3. Select the campaign type(Sales, Service, Reminder, Feedback, Others) that you want to create.
4. Click on the Add New button on the top right-hand section of your screen
5. Fill in the basic details required to create a campaign in the Basic details form available
  • Campaign name - Name of the campaign
  • Campaign type - Select the campaign type
  • Priority - Chose a relevant priority for your campaign depending on how to target the Leads. (Executives receive high priority campaign first if they wish to call the Leads priority wise)
  • Campaign manager - Choose and assign a campaign manager who will supervise the campaign
  • Assign users - Assign executives/users for the campaign who will be responsible and among whom the Leads will be distributed.
6. Once the form is complete, Click on the Save Draft button present below 7. Then click on the Next button
8. After this, we are redirected to the Customer Details form
Note - The users assigned to a particular campaign will receive the leads in their NeoDove mobile application.