Creating Whatsapp Templates

Improve customer communication with pre-drafted WhatsApp templates
The Whatsapp feature enables you to integrate your WhatsApp account with the NeoDove account.
This feature helps in: -
  • Sending personalized messages to your leads - This improves customer communication and helps to enhance prospect conversion chances
  • Sending Whatsapp messages directly without the need to save the customer’s number in your contact book (with just one click)

Steps to create Template

1. Log-in to your NeoDove account ( 2. Create a campaign (Go to Campaign -> Type of campaign -> Add new) 3. Fill in the basic details campaign form. 4. Now, go to the customer details form 5. On the left-hand section under the heading question type, there are multiple question types available 6. From the question type section, drag and drop the send a message on WhatsApp option (last option) and drop it in your script
7. Now, create your own WhatsApp template according to your requirement
  • Give the WhatsApp button a label For Example- Company details, Car Quotation
  • Now draft a message you want your customers should receive according to your requirement. You may also attach useful links into your message For Example - Hi, Welcome to ABC Ltd., as discussed earlier I am sending our company’s details. Please have a look
8. You may create multiple WhatsApp templates depending on your requirement. For example - A WhatsApp template for thanking customers for their time or a WhatsApp template for sending quotations or brochures and so on
9. After creating the Whatsapp templates, click on the Submit and Close button present below
Note - These pre-drafted WhatsApp buttons that have been created in the Web portal, would be visible to the sales executives in the mobile application when they are conducting the calling process. Depending upon the requirement of the call, they would just need to select the WhatsApp template which is applicable and send it directly to the customer.