A Gateway to all your Leads
The Contacts Section in the NeoDove application is a gateway to all your Contacts. From uploading leads and redirecting them in campaigns to holding information, the Contacts Section uphold a summary of all your Leads. It comprises the Campaigns, History and all the editable details and properties revolving around it.
The Contacts dashboard help you explore your contacts via three major inputs:
  • Basic Details - Exploring specific contacts using Basic Details i.e. Contact Name and Contact Number and all the custom properties that the organisation admin has added for your own organisation.
  • Campaigns - Campaign specific contacts can be explored through the Campaigns feature. It helps the user to select all the Campaigns that he wants to explore. The user can select at least one campaign and as many as he wants to explore the contacts available.
  • Contact Source - The Contact Source properties can be selected to filter out all the contacts based on the source from where the contacts have been uploaded. The Contact Source properties include:-
    • File Upload
    • Walk-in Lead
    • Incoming IVR
    • Integrations

Exploring Contacts

What properties do Contacts offer?

Contacts let you explore the properties of a particular contact through a variety of dimensions from campaigns to details and covering the history, the contacts section hold everything.