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Custom Lead Form

How to create a customized lead form for your executives?
The NeoDove application allows you to create a customizable custom lead form for the executives. This assists them in their sales activities and helps record customer information hasslefree. These records will be displayed when the customer wants to add details for a lead which are not available on a standard basis in the application.


1. Go to User Menu ->Custom Lead Form 2. Now, the Custom Lead Form is available. Here, the form can be easily customized depending on the requirements. 3. On the left-hand section, Question Types are available, this includes all the possible types of questions that can be added to the form.
4. One can put multiple types of questions into the script as per requirement. To add a question-type just drag and drop the type of question you want to add.
5. Let’s understand every question-type in brief:-
  • One-line text - Questions which have one-line answers are put here.
  • Number - Through number, customer’s contact details may be asked
  • Multi-line text - Questions which have multiple-line answers can be put here.
  • Date - Questions for which the executive may need to schedule a date for a further meeting or a follow-up, may be mentioned here.
  • Time - Questions for which the executive may need to schedule a follow-up or a meeting with a client on a suitable time of the day, may-be mentioned here.
  • Select one option - Through this question-type the customer/lead gets some options to choose from, and only one option may be selected.
  • Select multiple options - this question-type the customer/lead gets options to choose from, and more than one option can be selected.
6. Select the question type which you want to put in the form, drag and drop mechanism. Drag it to the middle of the screen and just drop it there.form
8. To customize the custom lead form - type the question you want to ask, below the change question’s label heading.
Fill in the details for each question according to the type you are selecting.
9. After completing the script, click on the Submit and Close button present below
Note- This particular form would be visible to the sales executives in the mobile application when they are adding leads.