Integrate NeoDove with third-party applications to automate the sales process
NeoDove has partnered and integrated with several third-party platforms to automate the complete sales process. NeoDove enables you to integrate with several lead-generation platforms so that you can directly upload leads which are generated from various platforms (like Justdial, Facebook ads etc.) directly into your NeoDove account.
Now let us have a look at the various integrations which are facilitated by NeoDove
  1. 1.
    Google Sheets
  2. 2.
    Facebook Ads
  3. 3.
    Just Dial
  4. 4.
    Home online
  5. 5.
    Magic bricks
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
NeoDove enables you to integrate with all the above platforms. After integrating with above platforms all the leads generated from these would automatically get uploaded in the campaign you want to integrate it with available in your account.
Note - Custom integrations may also be offered by NeoDove in case of your need. In cases like these, if you want to integrate your NeoDove account with one of the online applications which are not enlisted in the above list, you may let us know and our team will contact that platform and try to get the integration done.