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What is a user and types of users?

A user is anyone who logs into NeoDove. Every user at NeoDove has a separate account through which he/she can access the NeoDove solution and perform different tasks depending on their roles in the organization.
There are three different types of users
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    Organization Admin
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Organization (org.) Admin

The Business owner who supervises the entire NeoDove account for their particular organization is the Organization Admin.
Only Org. Admin has access to the complete account and can make changes to modify the account whenever needed. Only Org. Admin has the access to all the campaigns and users in his/her account.


Managers are the ones who supervise the campaigns assigned to them, they help their executives and supervise their work.
Managers can create campaigns, see the campaign reports and user reports for executives he/she manages.
A single manager can be assigned to more than one campaign.


Executives do not have access to the web portal of the NeoDove application.
They access the mobile application and perform their sales activities through the mobile application only.
Each executive is compulsorily assigned to a Manager