How to add a new user?

The manage users page is where you'll find the list of all your users. From here you can create, update and perform and perform a range of actions on users.
Let's see how to create a new user at NeoDove


1. Log in to your NeoDove account ( ) 2. Go to the manage users section, from the menu bar present on the top-right hand section of your screen
2. Click on the Add New option, present on the top 3. An Add User form will appear
4. Fill all the details of the user in the Add User form
  • Name - Full name of the User
  • Mobile Number - Put the number of the user
  • Password - Create a password
  • Designation - If you want to add a new manager, select the designation as a manager, but if you want to create a new executive, select the designation as executive Note: In case you select the user's designation as an executive, you will further receive an option to choose a manager for the executive, you can select any manager from the list
5. Now click on the Submit button
Note: The maximum number of users you can add is determined by your NeoDove subscription plan