How to reset a user account password
If a user has forgotten the password of his/her NeoDove account, the admin of the organization can easily reset his/her account's password.


  1. 1.
    Log-in to your NeoDove account (
  2. 2.
    Go to the manage users section, from the menu bar
    present on the top-right hand section of your screen
3. By default, a list of all the users is visible 4. In this list, under the heading action, you will find a menu icon (3 vertical dots) against every user’s name 5. Click on this menu icon present against the user you want to reset password off 6. A drop-down menu bar will appear 7. Click on the change password option in the menu bar
8. An Update Password bar will appear 9. Create a new password for the user 10. Now, click on the Update button
Type the new password in this box
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